Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Counter-Strike on 2012

After many fails from Valve, comes in 2012 Counter-Strike:Global Offensive (probably another fail).
In my opinion, it's HORRIBLE and we will still playing 1.6 on 2013.
CS players do not want a realistic fps simulation game.
Whatever, some vids:

Official trailer

Game play


Talerfuchs said...

Nothing will beat the original. But graphics aren't the problem. The game must be fun to play. A lot of modern games miss that part sadly.

Tó Rock said...

I'll give it a try too!

Anonymous said...

Im very good at cs

Natefrogg said...

Looks super-awesome!

Randall A. said...

Can't wait to try it but I doubt it will be my main game

Anonymous said...

Hum, it looks like CS Source with new maps....
I will try it, but im kind of disappointed

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