Sunday, May 8, 2011

IOL S3D3: SK vs a2g in finals

The grand finals between SE SK Gaming and SE Addicted 2 Games will begin shortly with the match starting on de_inferno, the first map of the best of three series.

Grand Finals HLTV IP:

Addicted 2 Games advanced to the grand finals after easily defeating SE STL on both de_inferno and de_train. On their journey through the playoff bracket, a2g also defeated SE Coldgame and SE Gamerzone .

SE Addicted 2 Games lineup:

CL Hugo 'huggan' Cortes Lopez
SE Jon 'hyvlarn' Edelsvärd
SE André 'keiz' Carlsson
SE Finn 'qp' Sjöström
SE Manne 'manne' Nordqvist

SK Gaming secured their grand finals slot after swiftly defeating SE Regret with a score of 16:2 on both de_inferno and de_train in their playoff bracket finals yesterday.

All the results for the group and playoff stage of the event can be found here.



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Bestest game everrrrr

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